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Classic Mercedes Issue 10

My Classic Drive: Worcestershire: The quiet back roads of this scenic county were ideal for a Pagoda session
Talking Shop: Peter Nixey: Floor mats are much more than simply something to rest feet on, advice he says
Cover Story: SL vs SLC: Driving the R107 SL back-to-back with the C107 coupe. Legends clash!
Diesel Special: 170Da: It brought the diesel car to a wide audience in the 1950s, patient and still charms
Diesel Special: 300D: This groundbreaking 123-series opened up the executive diesel market
Diesel Special: E250 Diesel: A pristine 1990s Merc that’s as delightful to drive as it is miserly on fuel
Timeswatch: Ewy Rosqvist: Mercedes’ feisty lady works driver who turned rallying on its head in 1962
Ultimate Roadster: 300SL: Up close with a stunning 1957 300SL Roadster, possibly better than new
Profile: Classic Sport Leicht: Meeting Nicolas Jambon Bruguier, boss of a leading Paris Merc specialist
Classic Memories: W108 280SE: Warren Stickley purchased his Mercedes in 1967 – and still drives it
Auction Stars: 300SL Coupe: Full details on a Gullwing that smashed its estimate and made £1.6m
Auction Stars: 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet: A beautiful W111 cabriolet that won the hearts (and wallets) of bidders
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: The 190E 2.3/2.5-16 is a motorsport bred classic – read our key buying tips
Our Classic: E320 Coupe: The C124 emerges looking all the better for its refurbished alloy wheels
Mercedes Coachbuilder: 300c: The Binz estate conversion on this Adenauer was stunning engineering
Accessories: Tools: Every Classic Mercedes should have a toolkit – here are the ebst ones

Classic Mercedes Issue 9

Event: San Marino Motor Classic: A Californian meet that attracted the very best 300SLs and W113 Pagodas
My Classic Drive: Nurburgring: In a W111 300SE Cabrio, we take on the speed freaks on this famous circuit
V8 Saloons Special: 450SEL 6.9: Driving the ground-breaking limo that ruled the autobahns in the 1970s
V8 Saloons Special: 300SEL 6.3: It was the first ‘super saloon’ and we’ve put this 60s car through its paces
V8 Saloons Special: 560SEL: The ultimate 126-series S-Class with its 5.5-litre grunt takes no prisoners
V8 Saloons Special: E60 AMG: We describe the joy of an E-Class that is so very discreet, yet just awesome
Timewatch: 240D 3.0: How Mercedes rewrote the rules of engagement for diesels back in 1974
Modern Classic: 300SL: The most basic R129 ever made is a roadster punching above its weight
Coachbuilder: Pininfarina 230SL: Our correspondent unearths the fascinating story of a unique Pagoda SL
Profile: Classic Centre, Irvine: We speak with the man who steers Mercedes’ classic operations in the US
Mercedes History: 1945-75: Charting the incredible revival of Mercedes-Benz from 1945 onwards
Classic Cabriolet: 280SE 3.5: The ultimate W111 cabriolet was the 280SE 3.5, this one among the best
Auction Stars: Stirling Moss 300SL: Full details of the Gullwing the ace used to recce the 1955 Mille Miglia
Auctions Stars: Best of the Rest: a 280SE 3.5, a 300 Adenauer, a 220 Cabriolet A and a 600 were for sale
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: Crucial knowledge and checks if considering the glorious 126-series SEC
Classic Rally Car: 450SLC: Strapped into the C107 Mercedes rallied in the UK almost 40 years ago

Classic Mercedes Issue 8

My Classic Drive: Ponton racer: Let loose in the very 180D that won its class in the 1955 Mille Miglia
Talking Shop: Thorsten Klenk: The touchy subject of modifying a Mercedes classic is fearlessly addressed
SL Special: Mint 190SL: Driving the Mercedes that brought style and comfort to 1950s sports cars
SL Special: Special 300SL Gullwing: It looks stunning, and a few tweaks beneath the skin enhance the drive
SL Special: Sexy 230SL Pagoda: It may be the small engine W113, but being in it makes you feel special
SL Special: Elegant 450SL: We tracked down this barely used R107 and loved its relaxed V8 power
SL Special: High tech 500SL: The very first R129 to be imported to the UK is still a true beauty to drive
SL Special: Classic Collection: Helmut Reiss: This Californian restauranter has owned a dozen 300SLs in his time
SL Special: Auction Stars: 300SL: The low down on the Roadster bought new by actress Natalie Wood
Auction Stars: 300S, 600 and 190SL: Three sale lots that made serious money – the 600 four times its estimate!
S123 development: It was a costly project but it redefined the estate
Timewatch: 1957 Frankfurt show: Archive photos give a fascinating view of Mercedes-Benz of 57 years ago
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: The 124 cabrio is sheer bliss in summer – we advise on what to look for
Our Classic: Various improvements have made the E320 even sweeter

Classic Mercedes Issue 7

My Classic Drive: Cabrio in Winter: A 320CE was freezing but great fun
Talking shop: Dougal Cawley: A tyre expert advises the best ones to buy for your classic Mercedes
Cover Story: Ponton 190b: This beautifully restored Mercedes saloon from 1960 is just a joy to drive
Classic Roadster: Californian SL: R107s exported to America’s west coast in the 1970s were fully loaded
Six Appeal: 190E 2.6s: We track down two of the tidiest six-cylinder W201s you’re likely to find
Silver Arrows: W196R: Read the full history of the 1954 grand prix car sold for £20m last year
Classic Coupe: 280SE 3.5: Driving a mint example of one of Mercedes’ prettiest ever two-door cars
Working with Classics: Bob Gunthorp: A fascinating look at his parts shop and Benz collection
Future Classic: Our Pick: The hit list of 10 inexpensive Mercs that could prove a lucrative investment
Family Classic: Fintail 190Dc: Fond childhood memories of a father’s Mercedes in Ghana, in Africa
Royal Fleet: Riding in the Thai royal family’s amazing, immaculately kept limousines
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: The 1970s SLC is a gorgeous, old school coupe, and also supreme value
Modified Classic: V8 Pagoda: Behind the wheel of a muscular W113 SL from Mechatronik in Germany