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Classic Mercedes Issue 14

Cover Story: We drive an excellent example of the car that rewrote the estate car rules.
200D Universal: The Fintail wagon is very rare, but we tracked down a show-standard car.
Crayford 250: How a small British company built an estate for Stuttgart in the early 1970s.
E300 Diesel: This 1990s 124 had amassed a huge mileage, but it felt just nicely run in.
Timewatch 1968, W114/115: Revolution was in the air in Europe when Mercedes revealed its new saloon.
Modern Classis Top 10 buys: Brilliant cars, fantastic value – here we list the best 1970s to 1990s Mercs.
Lifestyle Fitted luggage: A guide to bespoke luggage for your Mercedes, and how much it costs.
My Classics 300SL, 280SLC, 300TE: Freddie Price started with an R107 but found he needed two more classics.
Classic Motorsport Racing Fintail: Only one journalist has raced a works Mercedes – here is his full story.
Auction Stars 300Sls, 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet, 280SL, 560Sl: The best sale lots from Pebble Beach.
Mercedes Practical Buyers Guide: 124 – Series coupes are a steal, and we have the crucial pre-purchase tips.

Classic Mercedes Issue 13

My Classic Drive: Rural Hampshire: Enjoying quiet lanes in an R129 SL.
Talking Shop: Max Girardo: A noted international auctioneer explains how classic car values work.
1950s Special: 300d 'Adenauer': A close look at the stately 300, the first luxury Mercedes of the post-war era.
1950s Special: 300Sc Coupe: Not merely pristine – it's the car shown at the 1956 New York motor show.
1950s Special: 190 Ponton: Driving the car that modernised Mercedes' affordable saloon car range.
1950s Special: 300SL Gullwing: The original supercar, and which is still astonishing more than 60 years on.
1950s Special: 1955 Motorsport: How Mercedes swept the board in top level racing and rallying in this year.
First and Last: R107 SLs: In a fascinating back-to-back test, we try a 1973 350SL and a 1989 420SL.
My Classics: 250, 280S: A reader writes of his joy in owning two understated 1960s classic saloons.
Timewatch: 190E 2.5-16 Evo II: Looking back 25 years to the unveiling of this extraordinary hot 190E.
Auction Stars: 300SL, 300Sc, 250S, 190SL and 280SL Pagoda: What they are, and what they sold for.
Our Car: E320 Coupe: The editor outlines the various improvements he's made to his Merc.
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: Fancy a 116-series S-Class from the 1970s? Pre-purchase tips are here.
Modified Classic: Mechatronik: The renowned Stuggart specialist installs a five-litre V8 in the W111 coupe.
Accessories: Mileage badges: How to get a High Mileage award grille badge for your Mercedes.

Classic Mercedes Issue 12

My Classic Drive: Austria: Tackling mountain roads in a 300SL.
Talking Shop: Eric Hjeltness: A long renowned Gullwing restorer in the US reveals the secrets of his work.
Cabrio Special: 300SE Cabriolet: Driving a beautiful example of the 1960s fl agship convertible was special.
Cabrio Special: 220S Cabriolet: In 1980 Bob Gunthorp saved this 1957 drophead Ponton, and still drives it.
Cabrio Special: 320CE Cabriolet: Out on the road with a six-cylinder A124 that looks, feels and drives like new.
Timewatch: W113 SL, 600 launch: Mercedes enjoyed a vintage year in 1963, unveiling two iconic designs.
My Classic: 190SL & trailer: For Jim Bowdring, a 190SL wasn't enough – he needed a bespoke trailer.
Road Test: 230E: We put some miles on a W123 and discover its 'modern classic' charm.
History: Full W123 story: Martin Buckley puts the W123 into its full and fascinating 1970s context.
Taxis: Workhorse 123: The taxi version was much more than a normal W123 with a light on top.
Reviews: Book, tool set: Easily the finest 123-series book written, and the only tool set you'll need.
Auction Stars: 300S Cabriolet A: A wonderful 1950s model sold at Bonhams' recent Mercedes-Benz Sale.
Auction Stars: 300SL Roadster: Few can remember a 300SL up for sale with such a full and detailed history.
Auction Stars: 600, 380SL, 300SL: A trio of Mercedes classics whose prices ranged from £38,000 to £767,000.
Mercedes-Benz Classic Archive: Why Daimler AG now grants free access to its four million historic photos.
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in a W114/115.
Modified Classic 300SL AMG: A look back at AMG's 1980s work.
Classic Care: Number plates: The right and wrongs of plates.

Classic Mercedes Issue 11

My Classic Drive: California: A legendary costal route was ideal for a cruise in a drophead Adenauer.
Talking Shop: Tony Leach: An expert on Mercedes electrics tells us why wiring looms give trouble.
Coupe Special: C126 SEC: Ultimate two-door: We bring you everything you need to know about this fabulous 1980s Merc.
Coupe Special: W114 250C: 60s survivor: Plainly styled and austere inside, but the 'Stroke Eight' coupe still delights.
Coupe Special: C123 280CE: 70s sophistication: Driving one of the best preserved examples of the top 123-series model.
Coupe Special: C124 E320: 90s young classic: The six-cylinder 124-series coupe is still a great everyday drive 20 years on.
Timewatch: W108 launch: Fifty years ago Mercedes' W108 saloon arrived to battle against Jaguar.
Gullwings: Factory racers: We reveal the histories of 300SLs raced by Stirling Moss and Paul O’ Shea.
560SL: Ultimate roadster: Driving an immaculate, low mile example of the best R107 SL ever made.
My Classic: 190c Fintail: Alistair McMurdo bought the very Mercedes he saw as a boy in the 1960s.
Classic racer: 1939 W165: Driving the Mercedes grand prix car that trounced its rivals 76 years ago.
Auction Stars: 300SL Coupe: A pristine red Gullwing whose first owner was Ireland's prime minister.
Auction Stars: 300SL, 280SE, 190SL: Three more superb Mercedes that have recently gone under the hammer.
Mercedes Practical: Buyer’s Guide: Crucial information you'll need if looking at the rugged 124-series estate.
Royal fleet: 600, Landaulet: A unique chance to ride in two 600s owned by Thailand's royal family.