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    BELOW                      due to lack of storage space. Then  and more importantly he had the      friendly, knowledgeable and a
    From any angle it’s     one night while surfing the net, I     cream leather interior I sought.     genuine enthusiast. He offered to
    gorgeous to look at,    discovered on                                              transfer the cream interior and fix
    and the same to drive.  Cheshire’s Wirral Peninsula. Not       On a sunny day in 2015, I            any bodywork and mechanical issues
                            only did Mark Plant salvage cars, but             made the 400-mile round   with whatever car I eventually
                            he had rebuilt a 500SEC for himself,              trip to see him. Mark is  purchased. A one-stop shop, plus he
                                                                                                        has loads of spares. Brilliant!

                                                                                                           I told him of a 1990 560SEC only
                                                                                                        three miles from where I live that I
                                                                                                        had viewed a couple of times,
                                                                                                        through It hadn’t
                                                                                                        quite grabbed me, although it was
                                                                                                        solid and had been well cared for.
                                                                                                        Mark advised reconsidering it,
                                                                                                        because there are fewer than 170
                                                                                                        left in the UK, with all that that
                                                                                                        implies for future values. James
                                                                                                        Johnson at auctioneer Hobbs Parker
                                                                                                        in Kent also urged me to get into the
                                                                                                        market, citing the example of a
                                                                                                        560SEC the firm had sold at auction
                                                                                                        for £1,000 six years earlier and
                                                                                                        which was now for sale at £6,500.
                                                                                                        Sam Bailey at The SL Shop in
                                                                                                        Redditch told me “not to dither”.
                                                                                                        The pressure was on.

                                                                                                           ‘Mercedes Mark’ even kindly
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